Blogging 101: Introduction of a lost soul

{Music. Simply Falling – Iyeoka }

I was only introduced to the world of blogging a few days ago. It is a new, exciting world full of new possibilities that I look forward to discover.

Since I was little, I liked to create stories in my head and as I grew and read, I started writing them, as well. Soon, I had dozen small notebooks filled with child’s imagination. Then, with a discover of advantages of a keyboard and editing, I started writing on my computer (though, my notebooks remain a quiet companion in the bag with a phone and keys wherever I go). But, most of those stories I would write and they would be left alone to collect data dust on my hard drive. I realized that I wanted to share them with the world. Also, I wanted to get feedback from people who would look at them objectively and honestly and thus, enabling me to improve myself better. It is different when a close friend makes a comment on your work who has a certain view of yourself or what you write opposite to a complete strange who is just looking for a good story/text. I appreciate both feedback, but I never got one from a complete strangers and that prompted me (along with other things) to start.

I guess, you can call me Elly. I am 19 years old, turning twenty (20) in July. I am mostly an artistic soul, one that is captured by art, photography, world around me, movies, books, experiences; inspired by love, peace, the works of human mind and behavior, music and life in general.

You could say that another reason why I took to blogging is because around people I tend to have inclination towards mystery. Even though I am an open person, gladly meeting new people and new places, I still have a tendency to hide things that I hold close to my heart. Maybe some would say it is for a lack of trust I have in people and yes, a part of it lies there, but the more truthful say would be that I am simply not much of a people person when it comes to opening about certain things. For me it is easier (or was, I am not sure anymore, to be honest) to write my worries, problems, memories and other stuff on a paper, let the ink dry and forget about as I close the notebook than to pass it as a burden of knowledge on another person.

However, I found myself wishing for more – to share, to see how people would react to inner workings of my mind and my style of writing. I guess I just want to be heard in a way that I wasn’t before.

I hope people will like it and enjoy themselves as much as they can. I shall do my best to improve myself with every blog that I publish and to make it as unique and as beautiful as it can be. I wish everybody a lot of luck and lots of love.




15 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Introduction of a lost soul

  1. I just fell completely in love with your blog. Why haven’t I had the time to read all your articles before? I just adore your way of combining letters and words and creating beautiful sentences.
    Keep the good work up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahha I am so glad you like it, really it is so nice. And I adore your style, that sentence where you wrote, we are unique constellations of emotions and experience… I fell in love at that moment, to be honest. So, I guess we’ll be here, adoring one another. Suits with me 😊
      Lots of kisses


    1. Thank you 😊 we sometimes run away from thoughts and feelings because we don’t want to face the turmoil of actually exploring them. I guess blogging is a way to face it with a help of others in a way.


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