Blogging 101: Names and Dreams

{Music. Dillon – Thirteen Thirty-five }

   I am quite content with my name. In fact, I put a lot of thought in it before I even started to search for the best blog site there is. I was between Lucy and Elly, but Elly won the prize for this one. Today came from my wish to live fully in the present, at the moment.

I have a tendency to indulge into fantasizing about the future or reminiscing on the past and what would happen if I was a bit different then, more like the one I am today – whatever that is. I long to live in a moment and sometimes I succeed, but sometimes I slip when I am left to my own devices with absolutely nothing to do. Than music starts along with thoughts.

As many may have found out already, breaking a habit is hard work. No matter how much time has passed, habits tend to find a way back in without you even noticing. It is like slumping your back and if you weren’t raised military style and have a problem like I do, you know what I am talking about. You straighten up, shoulders back, spine straight with head held high and strut away. But then, after half an hour, you find yourself slumped and bowed down, your back returning to the familiar position in which they spent so many long hours when you were in front of a computer.

The same deal is with thoughts, so is everything in life. To break away the habit completely you would have to cleanse your mind completely, go back to zero where you were once when you were a kid. Do you remember the life as a kid? Everything is fascinating, everything is new and interesting. You don’t plan ahead what you will eat or do tomorrow. You play as it struck your fancy, constantly inspired with new things and ideas and thoughts. You don’t get attached to things. Even when you are unhappy when parents pull you away from your new playground and you throw a tantrum thinking everything is terrible, as a child you will find yourself not caring few hours later, already finding a new amusement.

Yet now, all of your thoughts are 99% the same as they were a day before or even a week before. It is statistically proved that most people only get from 4 to 6 completely new ideas a year and most people never act upon them because it would mean to do something completely different. Your thoughts are the same and they start the action of your body. So if they are the same, so are your habits. If you want to change habits, you need to change your mind. Sounds impossible, right? How do you change the way your brain works? How do you clean it from all the unnecessary crap that resides there and constantly makes itself known, not helping you in the slightest? Some start with training their body and as it changes so does their mind. Some completely change their social circles, meeting new people and starting blank. You shall find that if you are a lot around unhappy people, you get pulled down, as well. Same goes if surround yourself with positive or succesful people. And some, like me, meditate or do something in that style. You basically slowly clean yourself from all the stress and worries that you collected in yourself for years and that you collect daily. It helped me greatly in this past five years that I am practising meditation. I would not be a person I am today without it. It helped me let go of many things and thoughts and as such, create space in where I could learn things to improve myself mentally and emotionally, and even physically.

However, it is a process and still my thoughts wander off to either past or future which they have no business doing. Thinking about the future means nothing if you aren’t working in the present moment on making it happen. Blogging is also a way to improve my writing with your help so that some dreams don’t stay dreams.

Dreams – I found lately that I felt most content when I made others happy and make them laugh. When I showed them care and love (which I believe, if it was expressed more freely people wouldn’t feel so unhappy all the time) instead of a stony face, even some of the closed up people opened up easily enough. It is a joy to see it and experience it. So, happiness and love. Spread that shit everywhere.

Beauty… I love beauty, I see it everywhere I turn. In pale eyes of an old homeless guy, in a shine and flutter of bird’s wing soaring through a sky, in a belly hurting laughter and joyful face, in beautiful, happy people and talents expressed. Do not be surprised if a post or two springs up dedicated to a beauty of some talented person that I find enchanting. Speaking of talents {Music video. JustSomeMotion  Caravan Palce – Brotherswing}

I love how free people can be and sad that so people don’t let themselves be free in their speak, movement and beliefs because of the harsh society and fear of mockery they might experience from their peers when they show their uniqueness and difference. You don’t even know how many talents you have and what you can be and you don’t even let yourself explore it and show. Great artists and people didn’t become great because they blended in the crowd. We all want to be great and famous yet around others we try to be the same as them. A bit of contradictory, isn’t it? Be free for you only have one life to be that.

And last, art. Gosh, where do I even start? I was raised walking the theater halls and Vienna opera houses along with concerts and sounds of piano while meeting people recognized in their field. And I see art everywhere – in the seemingly chaotic nature around us, in bright colors of the sky as the Sun touches the edge of Earth, in changing layers of oceans, in people and their movement, in the way that we are all so different yet exactly the same, in a gradual flow of time that transforms a gangly teenager in a graceful person full of life and later wisdom earned through life, in the frequencies of music as it makes you move, in cities filled with new and old structures, decorated with lights alight at night looking like a most beautiful Christmas tree, in dancing flames and colorful fabric that moves through air.

Art isn’t just a well-connected mix of colors on canvas or a symphony of tones and foot movement. It is everywhere around you and when you realize that, you learn to see it. And, here is the greatest secret many have forgotten – you, yourself is pure art and unique in your existence. So take care that your life is as best as it can be for it is your work of art and what you leave to others.

Another thing that I am missing, but shall have to add to my tagline is inspiration for I want to inspire people and have them inspire me in return. This is where magic is made.

Peace and love,



2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Names and Dreams

  1. I like the story behind your blog’s name, it just shows how much thought goes into details like this. In the end they make your blog unique and special. I was hoping, you’d share the story of the first part of your tagline. I think it’s really cool, and has a rhythm to it that sounds catchy and fresh. How did you come up with it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard it somewhere, though phased a bit different. When I heard it though I thought it described me perfectly. I am always kinda in the middle. Either I have friends who wouldn’t have a problem stealing a cart from a shop and driving it around the city and screaming or the ones that stares at me when I order alcohol while they order coffee. I don’t know why I didn’t focus on that. I guess the post was already long enough and I really wanted to get a message across of what I believe and see and what I am about first. The phrase kinda explains itself, but I have no doubt that I will make a post one day that I will explain expirience and thoughts that lead to it becoming so perfect for me.


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