I truly feel sometimes like my head is in the clouds, running about without an anchor. It is a mess when I try to find a way out and put it together in order and sense. And it is mostly that way because I want to be free and light as a feather, going through life, but many demand you down on the ground, firm and sound, with clear answers and learned words of a textbook.


Heart tells you one thing, but people tell you another.
“Get a job!”, society yells.
“Do what you love!”, shouts the heart

Where to turn, where to go?
You have a guidebook to getting a job to pay the bills, but it is a story told once too many times to make think about taking it on.
Stepping off the well worn path is terrifying for easily you can get lost in dreams you think are happening and not in what life offers around you.


I only wish that people would have more understanding and logic to let you live and not try to put you in chains that pull you to death like a sinking boat in a storm.

Where would you go if you can? What would you do with your life?


I would want to be Indiana Jones, honestly. But more elegant about that.

Rumblings about life at one in the morning. Very classy way to success…


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