Old movies and new art

{Music. Parov Stelar – Catgroove}

Movies are a source of wonder for everybody. And every type of movie has its magic that captures us. But, also every period when each movie was made gave the special kinda feeling that is hard to repeat after that time has passed.

I found that I love old movies only recently. They are simpler and sophisticated, and there is something wonderful and beautiful in them. I admit, since English is my second language, I had a bit of difficultly to understand the old phrases in the beginning, but luckily for me and my reading obsession, the use of subtitles greatly helped (to be clear, it is english subtitles because I am a sadist and like to torture myself in nice, small ways)

Of course, you can’t watch old movies without encountering the stars of old Hollywood. And one of those stars is the elegant, graceful Audrey Hepburn.

Even my mother, who simply can’t watch most new movies since she never learned to actually watch a movie, found her to be a delight when she watched My Fair Lady. First time that I saw her on the screen was, of course, the classic – Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She blew my mind away to be honest.

Her elegance and beauty captured me. She reminded me of a doe which was further confirmed when I learned and saw she had a pet deer. It also inspired this art process. And since I am an artist, as much as a writer, I wanted to share one of little delights in my life.

wpid-1dsc_0818                   wpid-dsc_08191

It is oil paint and it is the second time ever that I work with such technique so I think it came out pretty good. I think I did the sketch at least two dozen times, it was ridiculous in the end when I had more left overs from the eraser than an actual eraser.

For me personally, the beginning is always the hardest. When you have already some lines you kinda already know how to, where to follow, but on blank your eye kinda tricks you and makes you go an inch away, but enough to make a difference and for you to have to erase and try again. Now that I think about it, life is kinda similar, isn’t it? You need to make some lines before you find the good one. Make some decision to find out which decision suits you best.

Audrey was a delight to paint as much as her hair was a, pardon my uncouth language, a pain in the ass. But, I am glad to have done it. And, gosh, who knew that oil paint can take up to two weeks to dry completely? I certainly didn’t. Talk about a surprise when I found that out. And I was so excited with planing a trip to town to get it framed in some classy, chic frame and present it my mother.

It seems that once again something old inspired something new. Old movies, I think, will always remain a source of inspiration in ways that new ones never will be, at least never in the same way. But, that difference is a such a delight to have isn’t it? Something for everybody to lose themselves in.

I am happy to answer any questions about art and art making process if anybody is interested.

Until then,

have a lovely night (or day) wherever you are!




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