It’s who you really are

Philosopher post – think it will become a weekly thing.

What is it about? My thoughts on life, on what is.  I wish to record it, share it,.see if anyone thinks similar or is inspired by this. Today it is inspired by this video:

{Inspiration – CHAPPiE – Who am I in this body? by theJourneyofPurpose}

Who am I?

A question we start to ask when our surroundings points out to us that they have everything labeled and as such, we start to search for our own label – A nerd, popular jock, a saint, a sinner, thousands of options, but none seems to fit forever and perfectly.

Everything put in categories: old, young, wise, stupid, educated or not, more or less, yet we always search for more, look beyond all that.

We don’t live for labels, we live because we are alive.

A child is not defined by age so much as it is by its act, its innocence, its view of the world. A child doesn’t questions himself. When you start to grow you start to search for an answer. And then you continue to search. What am I? Am I the body? Or am I this mysterious soul that I can’t touch, see or measure in any way? How do I know if I am anything?

I learned that while our brain only processes and allows us 15 things per second, there are 15 billions of things happening around us at the same time. So the world that we have around us, so colorful and full, is just the smallest percent of what there is. And how wacky is that? We barely know everything that is out there, we basically don’t know anything, let alone the truth of the world. We simply don’t have the means.

And it is true, is it not? Do you actually feel breath? Everyone breaths, in and out, every second of their life. Yet, we don’t feel that breath. Try it. You feel the dryness on the throat, you feel the effects of a breath and you categorize it as a breath. But, you don’t really feel it. And how sad is that? That a thing so necessary for life, the main fuel we need, we don’t ever actually feel. We are not aware of it, just like we are not aware of what we truly are. How many other things aren’t we really aware and there they are, peacefully waiting?

Can we truly live than, when we don’t even know the fundamentals of the world, of us. Don’t we just become lost personalities, throwing ourselves at jobs and hobbies, rules and structures so that we occupy our mind in order that we could never ask such simple, but terrifying questions. Questions that crush such social structures to the ground.

Because, once you start asking them, you start to think about them, you can’t go back. It nags at you, you wish to find the answer to what you are. How can I become something more if I don’t know what I am right now?

However, maybe, that is the secret of life. A flower doesn’t need to know what it consists of for it to grow. It doesn’t need school or someone teaching for it to bloom. Maybe, if we stayed simpler, we would be more natural and one with life and there would be no need for such simple questions. Because, maybe, we would be like children, curious and happy with life, simple and beautiful, gentle and honest – just like life.

Maybe, we just need to learn to be happy and not succesful or rich or desirable or perfect.

Truth is simple. Lie is complicated.

What do you wanna be? Simple or complicated?



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