Inspiration, what is that?

{Music. Three wishes by the Pierces}

I come here and look at the screen.

I think of what to say. I do not wish to bombard you with pointless, everyday things. Things that I wouldn’t remember after three days. And than, I started thinking, what am I writing about in general. What is the spark that is the main theme of this blog? What brings you here? And I realized, I don’t have the answer.

It seems I am changing so rapidly, so fast, that I can’t keep the main theme, as it slipped away as if it was a bird in a cage, finally being set free, leaving me with only a shell of what it once contained.

Can’t go through a lot with just a shell, can you?

Don’t know why I am even writing this to be honest. It isn’t like it is terribly interesting.

I work at a hotel for now and it is amazing that the afternoon shift can be as boring as hell (though, for us, artsy types, a piece of paper or a book is all that is needed to chase away the boredom, or better yet, a free Wi-fi) yet once I started writing this, in less than 5 minutes, two phone calls. It is like a universe telling me, please who cares?

Though, I also take it kinda like a challenge. Just because you are stopping me, my desire to write kinda increases. Funny thing, what can inspired motivation.

So, an update. Been working on my graphic design skills so here is an example

beauty three wishesMind you, I say I’ve been working on it not that it is perfect.

woman     Paris, Paris, the mystery for me,

I admire your streets and movie stars walking under your lights,

Elegance and beauty, like cashmere soft as it covered the

bloodshed of the past

Filled with your language, I stopped understanding them, but

they got that much more beautiful

Women with sharp faces, so enchanting in their wake

And man with their charming smiles and sweet words

How I wish to visit you all,

Explore the life of erotic love and sweet promises that is Paris.

Guess I really don’t know where to go exactly. We shall see. From every mess, clarity comes so I am counting on that.



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