College, colleg, colle, colle, coll, col, co, c…….

{Music. Vacation – Vitamin C}

The doom of my existence to be honest. Why? Well, when you get asked about college all the time you are lucky if you have a ready answer in where are you attending and what year and how many tests you dealt with. But, when you, you know, aren’t you get into a bit of a spot when you have to explain your lengthy reasoning to people who won’t really understand. And that’s why I hate small talk. Because my decision isn’t based on a short thinking, it is based on the long research and rethinking and simply feeling different about it. You can’t explain it as much as it deserves to be explained with just few words.

But, I guess you are wondering now why on Earth someone doesn’t really want to go to college. It is absurd after all, because how do you expect to get a job, start a career if you didn’t spend 3-5 years in an institute to finish with a glossy piece of paper and a ridiculous looking hat on top of you.

Because I talked to a lot of people who did get into college and actually, finished it. From successful to not so successful. And every single one of them know that college isn’t the major stepping stone to success or anything really. Because, they would finish college and end up making a career from something completely different. They would study for hours, killing their nerves and screwing up their metabolism to get a degree in which they, in the end, didn’t get a job nor were interested anymore some 5 years later. And how smart is that? What good do you have now that you have a degree saying you are ready to start your journalism career, but there is some schmuck who spent the last 4 years of his life which you spent in college, building up his audience by working small jobs, and keeping up a serious blog or working in a newspaper and thus got tons of life experience. So, what is more useful and more productive in the long run?


That is one of the major reason why I don’t feel inclined to go to college. The second is that I hate school system. I think it is basic brainwashing and that they give you one straight view on how to look at something and leave you with that, calling it an education. Third is an addition to the second and it is that I hate deadlines. Like, I hate when they put a book before me and say Read it, the test is in two months. You could give me a year, I probably won’t open it beyond writing my name in or simply doodling in boredom if even that. More likely outcome is that it would end up buried under a pile of dust and somewhere in a corner, so far that Narnia would seem near. But, if I picked that same book because I myself picked it up and didn’t have any deadline, I just wanted to learn what it contained, than it would be done in a week or less.

See, not a college girl material here. Also, I change my mind a lot. Or better to say, I want to learn many things at the same time. You can’t study drama, explore spirituality and travel the world at the same time if you are attending college. Workshops are my saviors to be honest. Not while this above is pretty harsh and sounds all doled up, it doesn’t mean I will never go to college or some school out there. Only that it will take more than the usual motivational speech given to high school kids to get here. All in all, chances are a bit slim.


Now, that I finally got this out in the world, next time anyone asks me anything about college, I will just give them a link to this post. Though, I just have to comment, it is a wonder how people think that they need to give you advice. Like, I didn’t ask for it, for you to have a semi-worried face and then thousands suggestions. Why do people do that? Yet, when you ask them about their life, they have thousands of problems they eagerly talk about (and they finished college, see it doesn’t solve anything) and zero suggestions that they could follow to solve them.

So, to stop here, in a dramatic end of my teenage rebellion (mind you, I will consider myself a child until I am at least 80, than I am a wise one) and wish you a lovely day.

Child-like kisses,


P.S. This is definitely me parenting. So… don’t give me children to raise unless you want a rebellion on your hands



6 thoughts on “College, colleg, colle, colle, coll, col, co, c…….

  1. Hello! Love this post and can totally relate to where you’re coming from— but here is some food for thought. I, like you hated the structured school system and thrive in an environment where I am free to learn on my own. I’m 21 now but I did go to college and ended up getting my Bachelor’s in Film Production. Did I need to go to school to pursue my film career? No. When I was in high school, if it wasn’t for the expectations of my family, I probably wouldn’t have gone. I don’t want to tell you what to do but I do want to share my experience. I went to a college that gave you your degree within 21 months of starting the program. It was rigorous, tedious, but I was studying what I love. While I could have gained experience on sets, talking to people, and practicing on my own; college gave me life lessons that would’ve taken me longer to learn if I didn’t go and college gave me a safe environment to do so. You said you don’t like deadlines but the real world is all about deadlines. Paying bills, finishing work, sending back emails, etc. Even moreso in a “creative” field. I currently work for a really popular YouTube Channel and we live for deadlines. I also learned a lot about people and made some of my best friends there. So while, I can agree with a lot of what you’re saying, I would still have to say that I learned a lot about myself and other essential skills in college. In a safe environment where my whole life wasn’t messed up, if I messed up. My last piece of advice would be to find what you’re passionate about and go after that, whether it leads you to college or not. Hope this helps! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing that with me. Which college have you gone then?
      I understand that college is a certain experience where many have found themselves and thus are very attached to it. I just don’t believe you should stop finding yourself after you leave which many kinda do, falling in the same circle of daily habits. I guess, I get what you are saying and I must confess, that deadlines are not my strongest suit in which ever case. But the problem with this deadline has to do more with the authority principle than anything else. I started to have a problem with it the minute I’ve seen that people in authority positions aren’t as nearly as wise or as smart as they presented themselves. It kinda spread on most of my authority figures in my life.
      But, I thank you for this lovely food for thought. I am young still and thus, many things are still largely unfamiliar with me. But, some things you can just kinda feel you know? And I don’t think I can stay in one place too long for four years to do something like college.
      But, as I said, I am still thinking, so we shall see.
      Thank you and have a lovely day.


  2. I did go to university and never really thought otherwise. But damn was I in for a shock when I realised you’re not taught to question, you’re taught to regurgitate information. And it’s not even information that’s correct – it’s information that they THINK is correct and if you point out how it’s Eurocentric, sexist or anything else – you’re told to find your own sources and then get marked down for that anyway!!
    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I went to university because it led me to meet the group of people that I know, to finding out everything I know now. Would I have done so anyway? Probably not. Was it worth is £27,000 debt I’m now in? Probably not! But it’s done now and I’m hoping to make the most of it!

    Love, love, love this post. Wishing you all the best!


    1. Those reasons, like the debt for something that doesn’t give you your money worth is the reason why I don’t want to go. True it is an experience and you meet people you might not otherwise, but still it is also very restraining and in opinion, not worth that much.
      I am glad you enjoyed the post and thank you.
      Best of luck with everything you do,
      Kisses Ellie

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      1. The other thing of course the credentials. It’s true you only need the relevant degree for very few careers (medicine, veterinary & architecture) and for everything else you can work your way up – but having a degree from a good uni and a decent grade defo helps with getting your foot in the door. It’s sad that university is seen as education and other routes such as community educators, voluntary work etc is seen as sub-par or not even as educational. But that is the system we’re living in and I’m afraid I didn’t have the financial support to try other things. Thinking about it a bit more, I don’t think what I learnt is worth the amount I paid but the way the credentials will work, it is probably – relatively – worth it. Do I think we should go uni just to get a job – hell, no. But I can’t see any other way. So I’d be very interested to see the paths you take. Do it for us all!

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      2. I agree with you. Companies and industry desires the credentials. It is certainly a good bargain chip to have. But, it often isn’t the only deal breaker. Also, I am not much of a routine girl to say. I can’t see myself working in a same place for ten years. I think I would go slap myself if I realized I am on the way to a such a path. Unless the job was really, really creative and let me get away with my ideas and creativity, than yes. But, I want to know to many things to stay in one place. I want to know how to make a Venetian mask and work in a animal shelter, all of it. So, yeah, I will definitely keep everybody updated on this blog, so we shall see where my unorthodox decisions lead me.
        Thank you for your encouragement, I am truly grateful for it.


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