Sunday rest and talks

{Music. Alan Walker – Fade}

To be honest, I like to watch people, observe them, learn them and then move on.

I like to talk to them for a moment or a day, depending on how interesting I find them, and go back to my shadowy corner once I am done.

That is to say, I am not exactly a people person. Throw a horde of dogs, cats, or any animal there is, I would be content to spend my day, lazing around and playing with the little bundles of joy that they are to me. Throw people at me and it isn’t that easy. It depends on the type of people, the energy around them, their mindset and my general mood for me to able to spend a whole day with them and enjoy every second of it.

I think working on a reception isn’t all that for me. I can smile prettily, but damn, I like the honesty. I like telling a person, okay, I am not in a mood, stop talking to me. Not that harshly, unless the person is being annoying, but it is the general ability to do so that counts. If you can, you don’t have a need to all that much, you leave or put on the headphones. If you can’t,well, it starts to nag at you like a terrible itch that just keeps getting worse.

And I don’t know, but even though your face shows that you are clearly not interested, they just keep talking. It is like they never have a chance to share their experience or thoughts or anything before being interrupted and once they start, they seemingly can’t stop. It is worryingly because, well, everyone should be able to feel content all the time, not feeling bottled up.

Btw, found this little babe right now, so that is the music theme for this post today {Music. Alan Walker – Fade}

So, in a terrible worry that I don’t become one of those people without knowing, I will be the terrible bore here, expressing all my complicated feelings and thoughts that are jumbled up like headphones cords once you put them in the bag.

Thankfully, you only need to click the back button to get the hell out of here. But, if you stay… Well, lots of virtual kisses for you. And lots of very real love from me.

That’s about it from the rambling of mine.

Next time, I hope that a sweet story will come from this fingers of mine and clicked away towards your Reader for your lovely eyes.

Until tomorrow,



p.s. Thanks for listening.

p.p. Cover photo doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, but it just so wonderful and a really great advice in my opinion.


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