London / a mix of thoughts


London is a stunning mixture of old values and manners of thinking represented in a modern way of communication and functioning in the world. That is to say, it is a place where new things can grow while old ones remain – a balance rarely seen anywhere.

wpid-2015-10-12-04.21.28-1.jpg.jpg     wpid-2015-10-12-04.21.24-1.jpg.jpg
Change here is not stopped or denied. It is taken in stride and adds up to the solid foundation of this lifestyle. I personally believe that the adaptivity is the most important thing in remaining a successful and wealthy in whichever form you wish to express it.
This has been a rather large cultural shock, as well, for someone who grew up in a different environment and mindset. It sits quite well with me what is happening here. People are approachable, helpful and kind to smile back to you which brings up motivation, a belief that people can be wonderful creatures if given a chance, freedom and kindness.

wpid-2015-10-12-04.21.30-1.jpg.jpg   wpid-2015-10-03-08.02.45-1.jpg.jpg
War, I believe, has poisoned Croatia too much for it to come as easy as it does here. We are taught to complain, yet scarcely to do anything about it. To sigh, but not to get up on our feet and call for change. To occupy ourselves with petty gossip, but never ask right questions to our government.

It is a sad combination of turning a blind eye and willing yourself to a lazy creature of bitterness that we soon become.
The Britain is a different story. One I haven’t completely uncovered so I do not trust myself to speak about it untill I do.
The bottom line of this little post is that should you ever wish to see a functioning mechanism that results in power and achievement, go to London and the streets alone will show the country of kings and queens.

wpid-2015-10-12-04.21.34-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-10-12-04.21.27-1.jpg.jpg

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