Wishes and Life agreements



{Music. Bob Marley – Jamming (Banx & Ranx Remix)}

Life can be surprising to say the least. What I found is that wishes truly do come true. What you wish for hard enough comes to pass in the end. And it tends to happen that it doesn’t look how you imagined it. Personally speaking, I always dreamed about working in a office as a child and as I visited Austria, I imagined it to be on a main square in a office where I may look outside. I had that dream for a very long time and I believed myself to become a lawyer where I will have a suitcase and will do a very important function.

I ended up in London, working in a office located on Trafalgar square and I realised my wishes have changed completely and that I was living a twisted parody of my wish. Who ever doesn’t believe that your thoughts and feeling shape your future and world, stat believeing. It is the fundemental truth and it is the main law of physics – action and reaction. You just have to think it over and you shall see that truly everything you ever wished for, you got in some way in the end. But, maybe you didn’t recognize it because you got something else entirely than what you thought you will get. But trust me, in the end, you got exactly what you wished for.

I wished for many things in my life. I wish that I would stop wishing when I actually think it through. Who says my wishing to find a person just like me will actually be good for me? After all, I already know how twisted I can be, so why would I really wish someone just like me to be my side? Instead I should wish for a person who will bring out the best qualities in me.

But, wishes… They are like little birds, innocent and pure, but with a potential of danger. The more you wish, the higher the chance it will come to pass and as such, more likely that it is gonna turn your life in ways you didn’t predictated. I concluded, at the end of the day, if you really let go, let go of the thinking, analyzing, judgment, anything and let the universe take its course, you realise it comes up with much better ideas for you then you can ever hope for. Universe, if trusted, can create magic for you, you just have to believe in it.

And I learned that, anything can be done in this life. From biggest pain and tragedies to the highest form of happiness and bliss. I do not want to play by the rules of society anymore. I just wish to let myself go, be guided by the frequencies on which this whole world runs and be something more then just a myself, a personality that is neither decide in what it wants or appreaciative enough to value all the obsticales and gifts given to her.

I have few decisions to make:

I wish to become the best at everything I do.

I wish to write a book and I wish that everybody would read it.

I wish that I am happy all the time.

I wish that people around me are happy and content.

I wish and I wish, that at the end of my life I can look back at it and know that I made myself and my parents proud.

Silly wishes, but I do wish this one would come somewhat to pass 😉 I guess one takes few times to learn their lesson.Until I do, a few wishes might still come to pass.

Best of luck with your wishes and ideas.






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