Life focus and changes


I often wonder about the people and their lives. And there are people who goand say, “Oh, it’s all about the money. In the end, it all comes around money”; other say “Family is what is important. What you leave behind, what you create.”; then you have “It is the spiritual practice and so on that it all comes to.” What is the worst part for me is that every single one of them have strong evidence that they are right and every single one of them is right. Because in the end – 100 people, 100 wonders, as an old saying goes. But, then today, it clicked. We all in the end search and like people that are either like us or who we want to be like. So, maybe when we meet someone we assert only the qualities of them that we personally have. If in our head is all about money, then we shall seek and confirm the state of money belief’s of the other person. Only parts that we ourselves think and believe are the ones we most assert in others. That is to say, what you think the most you shall recognize the best in someone else even if you don’t know them very well. I think the real confusion comes when you yourself are clear on your thoughts of leading certain part of life and the person you know either leads it in a completely different way or doesn’t have it sorted so you tend to find that person very strange and don’t know where to put it in your known category of dealing with different people. I suppose it is all about what we know and don’t know of.

Lately, for me personally, I found that I can find something that will connect me with almost anyone. And it made me realize that us focusing only on one side of life exclusively, actually excludes us from people who don’t focus on the same thing we are focused on. And instead of finding joy and sharing in many things, we bind ourselves to little goals and thus, small amount of people. And in that sense, we are actually forcing life into throwing us into situations that forces us to see more. And that’s why I believe that change can be painful and hard, but is always useful in the end.

How many of you find it hard to focus on more aspects of life then just one?


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