The truth time

{Music. Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (Embody Remix)}

I admit I haven’t been as honest as I wish I was. But, I am starting to explore the world and its possibilities and I realized how much I missed sharing things. So, I am coming back to it. Truth is, many changes have happened in my life. Many large changes and I haven’t even realized how major they were to be honest until I look back at what I have done. And I wish to inform you because I realized connection is the greatest gift we have as human beings and I haven’t been really using it and I found that I quite miss it, like a limb that you can’t truly figure out until you start again. So, I’ll tell you a short version of how I moved to London, completely unplanned or attentionally.

I met a girl on the summer. I’ll call her Chi here simply because it is one of her nicknames and she would bullshit me so much if she was reading this and I was telling everything about her life here. She is wonderful like that to be quite honest.

But, basically, what happened is that I met her in the summer and, in short, she is this large bundle of joy, spontanity and beauty. One of my favorite people that I had a privilidge to meet in my short life (and if she was reading this, she would probably be on the verge of tears while calling me an idiot for all emotional feelings that I am splashing here. And also, probably, why am I holding a blog like an old grandma or something in that general sense knowing her). Anyways, I met her for a few days on the summer where we met through mutual friends – instant click of happiness. First time we met there was no handshake, but an instant hug and how lovely is it to start a friendship like that?

Second time we saw each other was back in Zagreb, the city we are both from. We went for a concert in another town with two other friends and basically killed ourselves with laughter all the way there and back (I’ll write the post soon and place a link here). But, we didn’t get to really talk to one another which basically led to the last time I saw her in Zagreb. Last time I met her was on a Saturday evening and on Monday she was travelling back to London where she is studying to be an actress. The plan was to meet up and actually get to know each other individually before she goes. Of course, that lasted for about two hours before our mutual friends showed up and we spent the night partying away.

Me being me, took her invatation to come to London rather seriously and in a few months time, at the time where I felt fed-up with life in Croatia, I bought a one-way ticket because I didn’t wish to put a time limit on how long am I staying (which later on I found out has been worrying Chi for like two days straight before she concluded that I am awesome and should stay forever – those are her words, just so we are clear). But, basically, we both have lots of luck and lots of craziness and our parents aren’t very up tight and it actually happened exactly how we crazily planned in a moment of spontanuty. Imagin a scene like this – we are walking down the road and Chi says ‘You should go to the agency and get them to find you a job. Then you can stay forever.’ and my response is something like ‘Good plan. The worst that can happen is that I stay a bit longer and then I turn to Croatia if it fails.’, ‘Exactly!’ and that is somehow it. To be certain, we probably discussed it for longer then two minutes, but honestly I do not remember and knowing us, it couldn’t have lasted more then 10 minutes because we basically function on principle on deciding something and simply doing it without overturning too much pros and cons of it all which might have led us to a trouble a time or two and lots of adventurous the rest of the time.

What happened is that I stayed for about two weeks with her while also sleeping in random places of her friends houses for couple of nights because she was living with her boyfriend at the time and we kinda moved around to give him his space, as well (to be clear, their place was basically a room that fits a bed, very small kitchenette, desk, wardrobe and tiny bathroom. When I say it was small, I say it was that small that three people couldn’t stand at the same time and move. But, somehow, we managed it and I am forever grateful that we are all very chilled out people however you turn it about though we all have certain nerves of our own (I suppose that effects of weed helped with that as well – next post, the truth – my experience with marijhuana).

But, basically, I fell in love with London. I fell in love with the people and I really didn’t want to leave. So, I dragged it out, bit by bit, until I went to the agency where you pay and they provide you with job interviews, CV and possible flats. I got my CV, went to the job interview where I was almost late because I was searching fro a printing shop where I could print my CV and actually got it from the first try. Nothing fancy, I started my life as a waitress in Sports bar & grill on Marylebone street. To be honest, at the time, only thing I knew is that I loved the people I had in my life and if I wanted to stay with them, I needed to have a job that’s gonna cover my expanses here and that is the only thing that pushed me basically. At the time, Chi introduced me with both her best friend and her roommate which I am gonna call here Mags and Juš. Least to say, I fell in love with them both and they liked me enough to let me stay with them for they had a much bigger flat than Chi could dream off.

After almost three weeks or longer (I can’t quite remember since I suck at calculating anything) Chi accidently found a post on Facebook, offering a room and the miracle of it all is that it was actually 8 minutes walk from her best friend’s house which in London is almost impossible to find. Anyone who lives in London knows full well that you can expect at least 40 minutes of time to spare to get somewhere and that is close, to be clear. So, finding this was a small miracle in itself. Parent’s help and support and I was moving in at the first room that I ever had from where I am currently writing this. I’ll be moving 19th to the other place, quite far from here actually, but the thing is, my mindset is changed and I am exploring the world again as a lone wolf that I am in my essence (which requires another post that is gonna come soon enough, promise). That is to say, not that I stopped hanging out with people, only that the first inicative need to be close to them all 24/7 has faded. Other reason is that Chi is currently studying abroad in New York and that makes me retrack to my old ways of thinking long hours and meditating. It is nothing bad. In fact, I believe it makes me better at communicating with people once I hang out with them (click here if you wish to know more).

This was a very short summary of what happened and it honestly brough more questions then answers, at least in my head so I’ll try to keep everything tight and neat and post more informations of things that I wish to share (and not to worry, I have loads in my head going on for anyone who like reading this and I hope you do)

Until next time,

Lots of love


P.S. I am not a waitess anymore. Haven’t been for about three months and have been working as a salesperson which really teaches you a lot about people.



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