Music diary

I wish songs were people. A live representation of it.

You know that feeling when a song feels you up and makes your day better or ore magical because you have been listening to it? I wish that you had that exact person and that whenever you hit that person up, it will always cause the feeling like a song does.

Of course, in a ways that is already true, but I truly wish I knew people who were the perfect representations of all the songs on TheSoundYouNeed  and TheVibeGuide (if you don’t know them and if you enjoy music, I think you will find them beautiful. I certainly do. About half of my playlist is just their songs.)

I swear, this song here, if it was ever a person – Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) it would be this easy going, laid back person with probably a very attractive body and charisma, swiftly, but gently pulling you in and holding you there. I can imagine being somewhere on the coast with it, dancing lazily, happy from the sun and cocktails and fresh breeze making the weather perfect as you enjoyed your day away.

While this song Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (FlicFlac Remix) reminds me more of a whacky person, running around the city, driving in a car or riding a bus, exiting at the random stops and entering shops, laughing and saying hello to people randomly on the streets. Finding hidden spots and small coffee shops and chic parties.

Then, if you wish to stride through the street on the bright sunny day, you meet up this song here TEEMID – Crazy ft. Joie Tan (Gnarls Barkley Cover) . I imagine a tall, classy woman with big sunglasses, full lips and elegant stride as she moves down the streets of a big city. Imagine tall heels, longer legs, slim body and big smile with even bigger mind. Perfect when you wish to feel big and like the world is belonging to you.

And then you have still babe here Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (Alex Brandt’s Saxual Edit) . I guess because of the voice I imagine it as a handsome guy with sun bleached, blonde hair and a nice smile, waltzing around and being a joy to see. He would be to go to guy for when you wish something completely new, but nothing exaggarated. Just a guy you take when you want to meet new people, see new places, learn new things and he would be there, open and inviting and you would just share and build up on exitment and enjoyment that is life.

For more of a night life, with tall skyscrapers, luxury malls and Chanel perfume, you turn to this one here and she takes you out for a spin in her Lambourgini, far away – ZHU- Faded (Arthur Younger Remix)  Imagine driving down the highway, a looming city filled with lights before you, invitingly waiting for you to arrive and you are drinking champagne, all dressed up and ready for everything as your heart beats already with excitment and new prosperities, just waiting to see all the adventures and experience this side of life, as well.

And lastly for now, but not the least, FlicFlac – Hope. Sunset on the warm summer air with the sky still in last colours of orange and the smell of fruit in the air with crickets song and fireflies dancing about. You are with all your friends and you listen to this song, listen to its beauty and message and you trust it so much that you know you can live your life however you want and create it to be as free or as wild as you wish it to be.

That’s it from me, loves

Enjoy the rest of the weekend with good music

Lots of love















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