Princess’s dreams

A bird sang near the blue window. A song of the little throat was lessened, but not silenced by the clear surface of the window. It still reached the ears of Hayley, a little girl in her pink pajamas with small teddy bears that was sleeping in her bed located by the window.
It took about three days before a girl started to notice the constant song that played every morning and through out the day.

But, once she heard it, she heard it even when it was miles away.

The song made her think of adventures of flying to the castles built in the sky, made from marble and gold where white pegasus would take her to live and play. She told her mom of such dreams and her mom laughed good-naturedly. Wanting to teach her daughter kindness as well as some nice habits, every day for four days she showed Hayley how and where to put the food out for the little bird. Soon enough, just as mother predicted, the little girl started doing it on its own as a part of her morning routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair and put the food out for the little bird. Soon, not only did the little bird came into the habit of waiting for food, but it invited friends. Two, then three came until after a month, a dozen little creatures appeared to sing their songs together and then cheer in food offered to them.
Hayley’s love for them grew as did her imagination. The castle has grown in her mid and now it had a market place made from white marble and houses decorated wit fine stones in colors of green, red, blue and gold. People walked, danving and laughing, all of them fine princesses and princes as they walked in their fine clothes adored with diamonds and silver, their skin decorated with metal gold. At sunset, an orchestar would position itself in one of the squares and played free, live music for the people. The food was freely given and taken and everybody shared in their art, knowledge and care. Hayley flew to that place with every waking thought in her head, living there more often then on Earth, taken there by the song of birds and warmth of the Sun.

One fine autumn day, her and her dad took to working on the bird house in their backyard.  It was a small design at first, but changed quickly enough when they saw the amount of little friends that came to watch them work and offer their joy in form of a song. Hayley’s imagination grew as they built a bird house that resembled a white castle. She took to spreading her arms and running around the backyard they had as the chirp of birds followed her, dictating her dance and imagination.

However, soon, the weather turned cold, and birds started disappearing until only what was left was two little sparrows. It broke Hayley’s heart and the knowledge that they need to leave and shall return in spring didn’t mend it one bit.
She took to looking out of her window, dreaming of Sun and warmth, her birds and flying.
The snow fell, but it brought only so much joy before she was reminded of the loss of her birds and her joy diminished.
She prayed for the return of her birds every evening since they left and one clear night, where clouds moved aside to let moon and stars shine their light, she heard their chirping once again. Overjoyed, she skipped down the stairs, run out of the door and into the snow. And there, the birds flew chirping and flying and she laughed fully for the first time in months.
She started spinning in the circle, laughing, her face alight with joy and fresh flakes of a snow illuminated by  the moon.
The chirps grew into a Symphony of unheard music until then as the girl spooned. They flew up in the air and started dancing in the circle along with her, their song filling out the nights presence. She grew out of breath and she slowed down her spinning, turning only to see a miracle before her. Birds flew to the floor and builded up on one another, their song growing louder and louder until suddenly in less then a blink od the eye they melted together until a tall pegasus, in dark grey color with rainbow shine and silver hair stood before her.
Her eyes grew wide with wonder as she stared. The pegasus threw its lovely head about,  neighting softly. It struggled the ground with one hoof before walking slowly and turning.
Two little sparrows that have stayed were the only witnesses to the last sight of the little girl climbing onto pegasus back before they took to sky. No other witness have been present to see miracles of the clear winter night.

The Earth was left behind as they climbed through time and space into the new world of her imagination, created solely by her belief and thoughts, as if a song that took a solid form.


(To be continued…)



Hope you enjoyed this,

Best of love



A golden coin

{Music. Kygo – Firestone (& others)}

For a while, I had thoughts tumbling though my head of action and reaction. Everything you do kinda get’s back at you, and everything you do also affects others in different ways. Like waves in the oceans who glide and slide, overlap and emerge in a dance as they follow one another without a thought or conscious decision. You start one thing and it leads to a completely unexpected development. It inspired this little story here.

An older gentleman was walking down the square littered with stands filled with fresh vegetables and fruits. He came to buy his wife a bouquet of flowers as he did every Sunday for past 28 years. White lilacs, he chosen for today and wore them proudly in the crook of his arm, with a content smile on his face.

Passing a corner, he saw an elderly woman sitting on a floor, face creased in frowns and hand stretched out in an endless plea. Feeling specially inclined on that fine day, he took out a shiny golden coin and one lilac flower and gave them to the old woman with a smile peaking from his trimmed and shaped mustaches. His arm felt lighter without a large, bubbling lilac head and heart lighting up at the look of wonder and joy spreading through woman’s face making it for a slip of the second look young and child-like again, as the hooded eyes opened up in wonder, smile revealing a few missing teeth and forehead smoothing out from its saddened life struggles.

The golden coin twinkled through the leathery fingers. The gentleman tipped his hat and left. The flower withered away in a slip of the time. The coin travelled in a pocket of a dress until the woman felt hunger beyond tell and gave it in exchange of a hot meal and good night’s sleep.

The young, pimply out-of-school man slipped it in his pocket instead of the cash register. He took it home and played with it under the light’s lamp, admiring its unique shine, deciding one day he will have millions of coins like this starting immediately. The next day, as he hurried to work with new determination and plan, pushing through the hordes of people and city yells and shouts, the coin silently slipped from his pocket and flew through air in a graceful, but unseen arch and scattered around the feet of hurrying people. It finally settled once the morning rush subdued and in sudden calmness it’s light attracted a young woman’s eye. She picked it up and decided it is a sign. You see, that day she had a job interview that she wasn’t sure she wanted to even go to, purely for the reason of thinking she wasn’t adequate enough. The lucky coin gave her a sign to not, after all, change her mind and call her friend to spend the day moaning and whining away.

She shouldered her bag full with her art and portfolio and headed to a new possibility. She twisted and turned the lucky coin in her palm through the whole thing and when three days later, she got a phone call that she is accepted, kissed the coin and run down to the fountain at the small square on which her balcony looked over. With a wide smile she flicked it in the air and watched its descend into the clear water surrounded by marble and wished it to bring luck to somebody just as it did to her.

The coin happily shined along with others numberless coins at the bottom of the fountain.

Seconds or hours later, curious boy leaned over the edge and spied the golden coin. When his mother wasn’t looking, quickly as a kitten, he reached out and took it, mindful to take no other. Raising it towards the sky, his eyes sparkled at finding such treasure just like all those pirates did in stories his mama read him. He took it home with him, inspecting it every now and then, caressing the smooth flat surface with small engravement of a butterfly and caterpillar on the other.

It stayed with him until one day, a boy’s mother refused to buy him a new toy. Defiant ad angry at a such an abrupt and unexpected rejection, he stepped up to the counter, laying the toy and the coin with an angry pout. The cashier raised its eyebrows, but inspecting the coin, approved and wrapped the toy much to the child’s delight and mother’s confusion.

The coin shortly lived in a darkness of the register for the other time it opened, it was taken out for an exchange of a largely quota bill and given to smiling old grandma and was put in a small purse.

The old grandma had a granddaughter who she loved dearly and always gave her something at the end of her visit.

This visit she set her down and started her flow of wise and gentle words.

“My dear, whatever you do, do it with kindness and honest heart. Wherever you go, bring joy rather than sorrow. Accept change for it walks hand in hand with both life and death and it is their best friend. Learning is a gift to appreciate and sharing is a way of love. Love is a jewel when found demanding to be nourished and cherished with beautiful thoughts and small joys, not smothered by petty jealousies and resentments. Be strong, kind and positive for than beauty will fall through your eyes and your heart will heal others. Whatever you do, do it your best, even if you don’t like it. Wherever you go, go with open heart and understanding mind. Those, child, are the secrets to a wonderful life. And this is to remind you of that every day until it is engraved in foundations of your life.”, and she took the coin out and gave it to the young granddaughter with a smile. “My dear, love is all we got and a smile never hurted anybody.”

What if we all had a small coin that gleaned and reminded us of a joy that life can be?

With love and coins,